As Grand Ankara Hotel , firstly we attach very importance to the healthy, safe and comfortable accommodation of our guest.We are constantly monitoring every developments concerning to the Covid-19 pandemic and implementing all necessary measures.

We have taken any precautions to make sure that we provide high level all kinds of hygiene conditions in our hotel for our valued guests and make you feel comfortable during your accommodation.

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Measures About Our Employees

During your stay, the precautions we have taken and practices for all our employees who will serve with Grand Ankara Hotel Hospitality :

All of our Employees are given detailed training on the rules to be followed concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and regular inspections are carried out which have been. All of our employees are taken fever measurements before starting their duties and in case of any signs of illness,they are not allowed to start to work. The uniforms of Employees are washed at above 60 degrees and are frequently changed. There is sufficient hand disinfectant in all our areas and it is constantly monitored. Attention is paid to the rules of social distance and the use of masks is mandatory.

Our Disinfection Procedures

Our hotel guest rooms, restaurants and bars, SPA and wet areas, general areas, meeting rooms, congress and banquet halls, kitchens, staff use areas, offices, storages and all other guest areas are disinfected in detail. Regular checks and works are carried out in all areas with our disinfection teams created within our hotel .

Our Hygiene Works In Our General Areas

Our hotel is working with a company that has an international reputation for chemical cleaning products. Detailed trainings are provided to our employees periodically by the company. Cleaning operations are happening with materials and equipment in appropriate to the regulations for each area. All general areas are regularly ventilated. In general areas and at toilets surfaces that are always touched, door handles, sinks,faucets, urinals and closet toilets, elevators, elevators button, of handrails are given great attention to cleanliness, after cleaning with water and detergent are used disinfection products. In all our general areas, hand disinfection units have been added by determining the central points.

Our Check - In And Check-Out Procedures

All of our guests will have fever measurements taken by hotel employees during check-in and in case situation if body temperature is high, this will be shared with guest only, in accordance with the Legislation Concerning the Protection of Personal Data. Required action will be taken in line with the instructions set out in our action plans. Cars of our guests are taken by our team-mates in our hotel, while they are parked by our employees after hygiene is applied.In order to prevent intensity at the entrance and exit areas to our hotel, that will provide the social distance the directions have been placed in the required areas.

Our Guest Rooms

Housekeeping employees and our managers work with masks and disposable gloves.After the cleaning of each room and before the cleaning of the other room; hand hygiene, washing and disinfectant are provided with; new masks and cleaning cloths are used.In room cleaning, disinfectant products are used to an extent that they are not effective and harmful to health. Our rooms are ventilated after each guest use and are waited enough duration for the other stay. All textile products and towels used are washed in sufficient time at 60 degrees and above degrees . Disposable products are available for our guests who wish. The extra pillows in our rooms are kept sterilized for our guests.

Restaurant And Bar

Many of the products that may be of common use have been replaced with disposable portion products. Porcelain and metal service equipment is cleaned as needed.Our breakfast service will be available A la Carte for a certain period of time. After breakfast, lunch and dinner services, all food and beverage areas, tables and chairs are disinfected again and hygiene is provided.

Spa – Fitness - Pool

Our areas such as Spa, bath, steam room will serve as appointments to provide you with a more hygienic atmosphere. Sports equipment and equipment in the Fitness areas have been rearranged by the necessary social distance rules and hand disinfection units have been added by determining the central points. In massage rooms, therapists serve with masks and the rooms are disinfected after each use.Our pools will continue to be cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate amount of chemicals to ensure maximum hygiene, as always.

Our Meeting And Banquet Organizations

Seating and event plans for meetings and banqueting organizations have been rearranged to suit the social distance and capacities have been halved. Ventilation of the halls and foyer areas is repeated frequently at periodic intervals. There are hand sanitizers in the foyer and common areas that are easily accessible to our guests. In our meeting and banquet organizations, our food and beverage services have been reorganized as “personalized” in accordance with hygiene standards.

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